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*Update the firmware of the R4ISDHC RTS card, to support running in new 3DS consoles (Ver. 1.0.0-0J)

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*This updated software package supports updating “R4ISDHC RTS” cards only. (It does not support updating R4iSDHC, R4SDHC and R4 etc…)
*In order to update the firmware of theR4ISDHC RTS card, you must have the NDS, NDS Lite or NDSi, NDSi XL(LL) console. The updated software can run up in one of these consoles, then the updatedR4ISDHC RTS card should be able to boot up properly in any NDS console included 3DS.
*Please make sure that the power of the console is sufficient and prevent moving the console during the updated process.

1. Copy all 3 updated files “_ds_menu.sys”, “_DS_MENU.dat”, “EON_WRITE.dat” onto the root directory of the microSD card.
2. Insert that microSD card into the R4ISDHC RTS card.
3. Insert that R4ISDHC RTS card into NDS, NDS Lite or NDSi NDSi XL(LL) console, the updated software will automatically run up.
4. “Press [A] to continue[EON]…” message will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. Press [A] to start the updated process.
5. “EON_WRITE.DAT = 0 x 200000” message will be displaed on the screen, it means the updated process has been started, it needs to take several minutes. The updated process will be finished successfully until the following words are shown.
Write… OK
Read… OK
6. After the updated process is finished, you may take out the R4ISDHC RTS card. Delete or remove all 3 files “_ds_menu.sys”, “_DS_MENU.dat”, “EON_WRITE.dat” from the microSD card. Copy the normal “_DS_MENU.DAT”, “_ds_menu.sys” system files onto the root directory of the microSD card. (For the detail of installing the normal R4ISDHC RTS software, please read the corresponding instruction.)

Trouble shooting:
1. The updated software does not run up properly or the “Press [A] to continue[EON]…” message does not be displayed.
i. Please make sure the firmware files have been discompressed properly.
ii. Make sure that the updated files “_ds_menu.sys”, “_DS_MENU.dat”, “EON_WRITE.dat” are properly copied onto the root directory of the microSD card.
iii. Make sure the format of the microSD is in (FAT or FAT32)
iV. Make sure the microSD card is inserted properly.

2. Even the R4ISDHC RTS card has been updated, it still can not run up properly in 3ds console.
Bad contect of the slot: Clean the golden finger of the R4ISDHC card then try again.

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