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The RTS LITE, which supports all Nintendo Consoles has been released recently, just as the saying goes”Better late than never”, RTS LITE has powerful gaming performance and multiple Internet surfing functions .No more unnecessary words here, let’s take a look at the appearance of RTS LITE first.
Gorgeous and precious sliver packaging
Card sticker to highlight RTS LITE
Now let’s take a look at the detailed use instructions. We tested RTS LITE by using the blue Nintendo 3DS Console
Insert RTS LITE into 3DS,turn on the machine, ICON appears
The main interface of R4iSDHC is not the former R4 interface any more. There are “games, music, Internet, E-Mail, MSN, update the kernel, and help” on the bottom screen. When you load the kernel for the first time , there will be a prompt reads”if add or delete games from your TF card please press “UPDATE”key,Do not warnning again?”This is specially designed to speed up the game loading.
Game Functions

Enter the “Game”function item,you will find that the file list is on semi-dynamic desktop,the icons of game or file are moveable. Please pay special attention to the  “UPDATE” button on the lower left corner, it’s about refreshing games; and the “QUICK” button on the lower right corner, it’s about function options.To return to main menu interface, press the shortcut key“B”

Press “QUICK”, you may use” copy, paste, cut, delete, specific function,system settings”to handle documents easily, choose your favorite theme and language in the last system settings. No more detailed demonstrations here.Let’s look at the specific function.
There are “soft reset”,”real time save”,”cheat in game”, “Cheatdb select(including Japanese version,Chinese version and English version)”on Function options window.
Press Left or Right button to choose the function you need to start.
Press “A” button to save the setting

Choose the game you like, Press “Y”button ,the game information would appear.

Press “Y” button again according to the operation prompt,a window would appear.This is the unique dual-core technology RTS LITE owned to promote the compatibility and speed up the game operation. It is more about the game which you want to play. You may keep the “Default” setting, or reset as you wish. As for this function,it is about setting up all TF card games.
Press “Y” button again according to the operation prompt,”cheat” window appears. Press “X” button to choose the function you need to start. Press”up”or “down” to change the options. Press”A”to confirm”not to save the setting”
Now we enter “mario kart” to experience the game functions of RTS LITE
As the racing car has stopped here now, we may test the performance of “real time save” function.
Press “L+R+A+B”,the”real time save”window appears,then click”save”to finish saving
After archiving is completed, the car continued going
press “L+R+A+B”,the”real time save”window appears,then click”LOAD” for loading
After loading is completed, go back to where the file has been saved
For Real Time Game Guide,press “L+R+A+B”, the”real time save”window appears, then click “GUIDE” for Real Time Game Guide.Please notice that the name of the Real Time Game Guide file should be in consistent with the name of nds game, or the Real Time Game Guide can not be found during game

The last one, namely “SOFT RESET”, you may go back to the kennel interface by pressing it

Then we take a look at the powerful MOONSHELL2.1 and Internet surfing function of RTS LITE
Select”music”to enter MOONSHELL2.1 software,press “up” or”down”to select language.
window shows of operation instruction.If you do not want the window to appear next time,you can click on the small square in front of “don’t show this screen next time”
Enter the main interface of  MOONSHELL2.1, you will find the button operation instructions on the top screen.

You can play MP3 music ,or read e-books and listen to the music at the same time, getting immersed in books and music

You can watch videos or play video GPG as well
Press “START” button, the MOONSHELL2.1 operation window will appear.
Select”open memo list”,you can take down some key information on the touch screen in the font you like

Press “START” to select” exit to firmware”,then return is achieved.
For surfing the net, E-mail and MSN functions, you need to set up and start the WIFI

Surfing the net
Press “A”to enter the address bar first,then type in the address you needed in the address bar, click”ACCEPT”
E-mail :Select “manage account”in “Setting”to set up the corresponding account.
MSN:Type in your MSN account and password, then click“CONNECT”to finish connection
Kernel update:direct WIFI Kernel update and online kernel update,which is very simple and convenient


Select english instructions
About the operation instructions of RTS LITE
There are more detailed functions for you to explore

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