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R4ISDHC is being completed,hope you all still support R4 as always

2010-01-23Trackback URL R4 designer

According to the feedbacks that we got from some of the game fans recently that there are some problems with R4SDHC and R4ISDHC for the slow reading speed, archive saving and game compatibilities. As you know, the available firmware was just modified based on the former hardware, therefore, it is more of less some defects existed. We are awfully sorry for all the inconvenience caused, and thanks for your understanding in advance.

In addition, we are working on the upcoming V1.5 and have just replaced a brand new hardware to rewrite the kernel to v2.0 which will be released on 2.14.2010. Trust that you have already known this at our official website: www.r4isdhc.com and we really hope this brand new version will help you solve all the problems. Please support R4 as always and we will do our utmost best to offer the better prices.

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