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2011-05-09Trackback URL R4 designer
The Dual-Core, which supports all Nintendo Consoles has been released recently, just as the saying goes”Better late than never”, Dual-Core has the most powerful game compatibility and the most stabilized WOOD1.28 kernel. No more unnecessary words here, let’s take a look at the appearance of Dual-Core first.
Gorgeous and eye-catching packaging
Card sticker to highlight 3DS DSI
Detailed introduction about Dual-Core as following:
Insert Dual-Core into 3DS,turn on the machine, ICON appears
The main menu interface of R4iSDHC remains the former WOOD kernel interface.
Select SD card
Press “START”to enter the “system setting”
Select”help”,the below menu will appear
Press”START”again to select “settings”,the menu will appear as below
You may replace language or interface style here. Notice: you cannot start the “Safe Mode”, as it’s for protecting kernel system,and if you start the “Safe Mode”,you can only enter the OS by pressing “START”on condition that the kernel is replaced.
Press”R”button to turn to next page setting
Press”R”button again to set up this page,and the setting here
is about the function start of “cheat”and”soft reset”and the setting of “RESET Hotkey”, which you may set as you like
Game-related settings
After you have selected the game,detailed game information would appear by pressing “Y”. You may do some settings with “Cheat”and “Games”
Press “X”to enter “Cheat”,and press”X”button to save the one you chose
Save the setting to enter the game
Press the soft reset hotkey I set up before:press” L+R+A+B+↓”to go back to WOOD main menu interface.
As the game playing is very smooth, plus the soft reset and cheat functions work well, we are fully convinced that the Dual-Core would absolutely live up to expectations

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