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r4i(dual-core) card firmware upgrade

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r4i(dual-core) card firmware upgrade

Instructions:this is dsi(1.42) upgrade package, if your r4i(dual-core) can not run on dsi(1.42) console, please use this dsi(1.42) upgrade package to upgrade your r4i(dual-core) card by nds/dsl/dsi/dsill/dsixl/3ds for running on dsi(1.42) console.

1.Download the dsi(1.42) upgrade package of r4i(dual-core).Unzip and copy the files(_SYSTEM_,MOONSHL,_DS_MENU.DAT,_DS_MENU.INI,_DS_MSHL.NDS,fwupdate_for_142_SDHC.nds) to TF card

2.Insert TF card into r4i(dual-core) card, insert r4i(dual-core) card into NDS/DSL/DSI/DSILL/DSIXL/3DS.

3. Turn on console and press “A” button to “game” run the upgrade file fwupdate_for_142_SDHC.nds. Note: When upgrading the r4i (dual-core) card, it is not allowed to turn off power or pull out r4i(dual-core)  ,otherwise it will damage the r4i(dual-core) card.

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