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R4idshc-Silver flash cards storm come, R4idshc-Silver cards update

2012-05-08Trackback URL R4 designer

Are you still wait new kernel long time for new games? Are you worrying still about the damage on Nintendo console from rough  apprearance of flash cards? Are you still anxious about low load game speed of flash cards, and less compatible of Micro SD card and short time of batter endurance?

R4idshc-Silver flash cards storm come,  R4idshc-Silver  cards update overall (update on hardware & Shell mould & kernel)

R4idshc-Silver r cards have updated overall. New high density chip with faster speed is used for hardware update, that mean faster game speed and longer time in battery consumption. Compatiblity of Micro SD card is batter, chip composing is more neat、easy and beauty. Shell mould update brings more rigour and solid, avoid tubers, and manufacture more delicate. Kernel update strengthen dual-core processing technolgy, that mean more games compatiblity, 100% compatiblity for old games, also for new games with no need kernel update .

For details see:http://www.r4isdhc.com/r4-product/

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