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R4 & M3 win-win cooperation, the best RTS! 99% RTS support!

2010-10-21Trackback URL R4 designer

R4 & M3 join hands in strength, a brand new generation r4isdhc brings new function:

R4 & M3 win-win cooperation, the best RTS!

R4 & M3 win-win cooperation brings you the next generation R4 card and the next generation user experience. 

Revolutionary operating experience,R4 game compatibility synchronizes with M3.

Supporting 99%  real time save.

The new UI, brand new touch and sense experience.

Brand new User Interface.

Organize your favorite applications and games as the way like iphone

Twelve shortcuts, one key access to frequently used programs

Gold finger, instant archiving, soft reset, online mode … … ..  Games settings options you have never had before

Innovative graphical system setup menu

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