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V1.42 R4 Card Upgrade Steps:

Step one: Copy the corresponding V1.42 upgrade firmwares to Micro sd card

Step two: Insert the R4 card with firmware into the console which is lower than the V1.42 version, then turn it on to enter the R4 upgrade interface:

a> The display of “loading” interface shows the R4 card upgrade is in process, please don’t cut off the power or take out the card

b> The prompt“V1.42 upgrade completed” will be shown on the lower left corner after the R4 card upgrade is done. Now you are allowed to cut off the power and take out the card. It takes about 10 seconds to finish the upgrade

c> Download the latest kernel to the successfully upgraded card, and use the card on the V1.42 NDSI to confirm it’s a successful upgrade


THE UPGRADE ONLY INVOLVES ndsL,3ds, or LOWER THAN V1.42 NDSI, ndsixl, dsill

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