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Instructions :this is dsi(1.42) upgrade package, if your r4i(RTS LITE) can not run on dsi(1.42) console,please use this dsi(1.42) upgrade package to upgrade your r4i(RTS LITE) card by nds/dsl/dsi/dsill/dsixl/3ds for running on dsi(1.42) console.

1. First, go to www.r4isdhc.com to download the latest kernel of r4i(RTS LITE).
2.Unzip and copy the files(app,data,moonshl2,
NDSMAIL,svsip,SYSTEM,r4.DAT) to the root of MicroSD card.
3. Go to www.r4isdhc.com to download the dsi(1.42) upgrade package of r4i(RTS LITE).
Unzip and copy the files(R4iSDHC_Updater.nds R4iSDHC_Code.bin) to the root of MicroSD card.
4. Insert MicroSD card into r4i(RTS LITE) card, insert r4i(RTS LITE) card into NDS/DSL/DSI/DSILL/DSIXL/3DS.
5.Turn on console and press “A” button to run the upgrade file R4iSDHC_Updater.nds.Note:When upgrading the r4i(RTS LITE) card, it is not allowed to turn off power or pull out r4i(RTS LITE)  ,otherwise it will damage the r4i(RTS LITE) card.

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