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Best R4 card in the R4 KING-China

2012-05-04Trackback URL R4 designer

We are R4isdhc team, thanks for your support. Days ago, we promoted new items. As the unstable function in the first step, it bring you some problem. Sincerely apologize for this. Though we also take some meausre for compensation, but can not remedy all. It is the same condition in flashcards kingdom China. Now our items are gradually stable and mature. We are walking to the higher target, which give the best R4 cards in China. According this aim, we set up a new service: Merchant sell with no worry, customer buy with no hesitate. This service is first carried out in the most intense market China. We offer the best introduction of item,the forum for those bought items, and let our players have the sense of belonging with our items. Forum will offer all the flash cards files. Problem on forum will be resolved in the first time. People can communicate as much as they like. This forum has a amaze result in short 6 month:

our this item R4ISDHC-silver card earned 80% market in China. For example, the first page is R4ISDHC-silver card(see the picture below), when we search R4 by sales volume inwww.taobao.com, which is the biggest e-commerce platform covering 90% market in China.

Let’s see the feedbacks from buyers(see the picture below):
Levin…: Good item, fast delivery, well run on 3DS. It is really good, will buy 3DS Flashcarts again
Hunte: Good item. Just need download kernel, or can buy TF card on store if do not download kernel.

Almost is postive feedback.

Dates above fully proof this: forum service project gains huge sucess in China. This sucess can be summaryed to those points:

1: Forum service: Help R4ISDHC-silver customer resolve all problems after buying. The using issue will be settled in first time, as long as customer reflect on forum. That make customer have good feeling, not worries. Forum service have many resources: DIY kernel、skin、GBA、3Ds first information and so on. Both seller and buyers can easily find what they want, like information and Nintendo and Flashcarts. At the same time, we do the best to collect the suggest from business and players, we are improve and perfect the product all the time.

2: Introduction: After survey on players, we form an own introduction, which is much suit new flash carts on market. This introduction highlight fast kernel update of R4ISDHC-silver, newest 3DS OS, first crack NDSI in the world, forum service, also online communicating tool, and product functions showing in detail.

Now we will put this sale service on international business, and offer English forum including English product introduction, not only for R4ISDHC-silver cards, but all cards. Merchants just sell with no worries, we are do the others, including resolving issues which players meet.

In China, this project let flash carts stands out in the crowd. It gives a power proof that, this new service project do huge help on sale, can big the sale value in short time. What we are waitting for then?

R4 forum(CHINA):www.r4isdhcbbc.com


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